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soft feet on white bed sheets in the foreground that have recently used baby foot peel

3 Reasons to Use a Skin Peel

Have you used a skin peel before? Some people wonder why they would ever want to make the skin on their feet come off. However, once you’ve tried Baby Foot, you probably won’t go back to letting all of that dry skin stay on your feet. Not convinced? Here are some of the most common reasons why people tell us they use Baby Foot regularly.

Get Smooth Feet Again

Have you ever looked at the skin on a baby’s foot? It’s soft and pliable. It looks great, even as they get a little bit older. It’s not usually until the teen years that people start to get calluses or dry skin that doesn’t slough off on its own. This process has to do with getting older, but it also has to do with how we use our feet and the shoes we wear.

Get your feet back the way they were when you were little. Use a Baby Foot skin peel to gently and naturally get rid of dry skin so your feet can be smooth again.

Avoid Painful, Cracked Skin

Does the skin on your feet ever crack because it’s so dry? This can be incredibly painful! If you’re struggling with cracked, dry skin, using a foot peel could be the answer you’ve been looking for. When those dry layers slough off, they won’t crack and hurt you anymore.

Feel Confident

Do you feel like you need to hide your feet because of your dry skin? Find your confidence again with a Baby Foot skin peel. When your feet are smooth, you’ll know that they are sandal-ready. Stop hiding and live life to the fullest with Baby Foot!

Order today to find out just how Baby Foot can help you love your feet again!

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4 Great Reasons To Choose Baby Foot®

Are you looking for the dead skin foot peel that’s right for you? Have you tried other foot exfoliant options that haven’t worked and so you’re not sure if it’s worth investing in another one? We don’t blame you! There are so many foot peels out there that don’t work. However, Baby Foot is different. Here are just a few of the best reasons to try Baby Foot, even if other types of foot exfoliant haven’t worked for you.

Natural Extracts

Baby Foot uses a set of 16 natural extracts to help make your feet as soft as a baby’s. These combine gentle astringent qualities with a lot of natural moisture to keep your feet healthy while they peel. With Baby Foot, you never have to worry that your feet will be dry or damaged after they peel. These extracts keep them happy and healthy throughout the entire process.

Fruit Acid

Baby Foot also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), which is also known as fruit acid. This acid helps your feet peel but also contains nutrients that your cells need to function well. It peels gently, instead of stripping away dead skin in a more violent process. It is used in facial cleansing and peeling, too, so you know that it is plenty gentle for your feet! It will only remove damaged outer layers of skin, so you don’t have to worry about peeling away too much. It also removes the adhesiveness between the layers gently, so there’s no extra tearing or ripping.

It Comes With Everything

To use some types of foot mask, you have to buy certain accessories independently. With Baby Foot, the package you purchase comes with everything you need. It has the foot mask, the booties, and everything you need to apply the dead skin foot peel properly. There aren’t any added charges or anything that you have to buy extra. It’s all in one package, making things so much easier and more straightforward for you.

Effective Since 1997

Baby Foot was developed because there wasn’t a good product on the market to help remove dead skin from feet to improve their beauty or cause painful cracking. For years, foot files and razors offered temporary alleviation of these issues, but there wasn’t a good way to solve the problem. That’s where Baby Foot comes in. It was a new idea in 1997 to remove dead foot skin for good, but the inventors persevered. Finally, after years of trials and testing, they came up with a product that does what it says it will do. It worked then and it still works today! Why try anything else when you can get the original?

Try Baby Foot today! It’s easy to apply and it works within a week for most people, though it can take up to two weeks for some people. You may need to reapply Baby Foot occasionally, especially if you have a lot of dead skin built up. It will be worth it, though, when you have smooth, pain-free feet once again.

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The Baby Foot Difference

There are a lot of dead skin foot peel products out there right now! Many of them claim to do exactly what Baby Foot does – help you get rid of the dry, dead skin on your feet so your feet can be soft and clean again.

However, there are some distinct differences between the Baby Foot foot peel and most of the other products out there.

1. Did your feet really peel? If you use Baby Foot, your feet will actually peel. The dead skin will slough off to make way for the softer skin underneath. This may take as long as 14 days to start, so don’t worry if you don’t start peeling right away. The ingredients are working to get you the foot peel you need! When it peels, you will know! If you have any question, you didn’t use Baby Foot!

2. 16 natural ingredients. Our dead skin foot peel uses everything from lemon to chamomile and more. These ingredients help hydrate your skin while providing necessary nutrients for the layers growing in underneath. Other companies use chemicals, but we keep it natural!

3. Fruit acids for peeling. There are a lot of ways to make your skin peel, but we use all-natural fruit acid, or alpha hydroxy acid. This acid gently lowers the adhesiveness between your layers of skin so the old skin can slough off, leaving your feet soft and healthy again.

4. The original foot peel. Baby Foot has been around since 1997, back when foot peels were barely a thing. We have formulated and reformulated the product so it can be the very best of dead skin foot peels on the market today.

Buy Baby Foot when you went the best foot peel out there. Pretty soon, your feet will be soft and pain-free again!

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The Benefits of Choosing Babyfoot

The Benefits of Choosing Babyfoot

Woman sitting on the deck by the poolWhile there are many products out there that claim to peel your feet and keep them soft, only Babyfoot will keep your feet as soft as a baby’s bottom. Here are some of the reasons why it works so well!

Natural Extracts

Babyfoot’s skin peels contain 16 different natural extracts. Some of these help exfoliate your feet, removing dead skin cells that are still attached. Others help keep your feet moisturized so that they don’t dry out again! From grapefruit to sage to ivy and more, we chose each extract for the way it interacts with your skin and with other extracts for the ultimate results.

Fruit Acids

Babyfoot skin peels also contain fruit acid, or AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). This acid contains nutrients that your skin cells need to stay healthy and soft. It helps your skin remove damaged outer layers by loosening the bonds between these layers. There’s no need to hold onto dead skin if you don’t have to, and Babyfoot can help you get rid of what you no longer need.

Babyfoot Gets Results

Have you ever used a peel only to end up unsure if it worked? Maybe you didn’t see your skin peel or the product even told you that you might not notice the difference even while it was still working. When you use Babyfoot, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Simply apply the product as instructed and watch your skin start to peel within 1-2 weeks.

Use Babyfoot skin peels on your feet whenever you feel like they are getting hard, dry, or crusty. We’ll help you remove that dead skin and make your feet nice and soft again, just like they were when you were a baby. Place your order today for soft feet soon!

Holiday Shopping With Baby Foot- The Perfect Gift

Christmas is right around the corner, I am not sure if you are planning ahead, I know I am! I like to get a kick start into the holiday season. I was trying to find the perfect gift for my girlfriends back home when I ran across Baby Foot “A Simple Way To Baby Soft Feet”.

For some you are not sure what that is and for others your already a fan of them! I was really impressed with what I seen online. I did my studies and figured that Baby Foot would be the perfect gift for the girls back in Florida!

Its a three step process that makes saying good-bye to cracked, rough feet super easy!

an info-graphic displaying the three steps to using a babyfoot skin peel. 1 apply, 2 wait, 3 rinse

All you do is apply the Baby Foot, wait, and rinse! No work so while your getting your Baby Foot on you can be relaxing also!

If you have yet to check out Baby Foot, Have a look around and maybe do a little shopping for the holiday!


— Teresa “Down Younder

fake baby foot products and packaging | foot peel

If your feet don’t flake, maybe you bought a fake?

Baby Foot is so popular, it’s being knocked off! While imitation is flattering, we are taking the necessary measures to make sure ALL counterfeiters are caught. Help us spread the word, so together we can stop these counterfeiters in their tracks.

How do you know you’re buying the real deal?

– The box says “Baby Foot” NOT “Baby Feet”
– The Original Foot Peel booties are clear plastic emblazoned with red Baby Foot logos
– The Men’s Peel booties are clear plastic emblazoned with black Baby Foot logos
– Product is purchased directly from the, Amazon sellers iServe, E Shoppe, Green Dot Sales or New Derm, a national retailer like Ulta Beauty or Target or one of the salons listed on the store finder
– The foil packet has printed information
– The clear adhesive strips come on green paper
**Please note that one seller we know is selling counterfeit product**

How to Make Your Pedicure Last for 3 Weeks

We love the look of a fresh pedicure, but who has the time (or money) to go to the nail salon each week? Luckily, with the right know-how, you can easily maintain your pedicure for up to three weeks. Save time and money by extending the life of your pedicure with these simple tips:


Bring Your Own Bottle

Many nail salons use thinners to get more use out of each bottle of nail polish. However, pedicures using new, fresh polish last much longer than pedicures using older or thinned nail polish.

To ensure the freshness of your polish, bring your own new bottle. Not only will your polish last longer, but you’ll also have the right color on hand should you have any chips.


a pair of feet -in sandals made of pink fabric, leather, beads, and jewels- are suspended over a teal backdrop

Take It Easy

Did you know that it takes up to 12 hours for nail polish to harden? For this reason, it’s best to schedule your pedicure on a day when you can relax afterwards. If you’re running errands or going out dancing after your pedicure, you’re much more likely to smudge your fresh nail polish.

Wearing closed toed shoes after a pedicure is also a no-no. Wear flip flops, sandals, or go barefoot for the first 8-12 hours after your pedicure to help it last longer.


Prevent Calluses

Dead skin and calluses make feet look dull. Keep feet smooth in between pedicures by doing a foot peel.

Baby Foot gently removes dead skin and calluses with fruit acid. Use petroleum jelly on the nails to prevent Baby Foot from fading nail polish, or on the tops your feet to preserve your tan.


Keep Feet Moisturized

Keeping your feet moisturized will help them to look healthy and extend the life of your polish. Always moisturize after washing your feet, as soap and water can dry out the skin around the toenails and cause chipping. Just be careful not to use scented lotion, as synthetic fragrances can actually cause nail polish to crack.

If your feet are extra dry, try Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask, which rehydrates parched feet.


Apply Topcoat

A good pedicure always includes a layer of topcoat, but everyday wear and tear can buff away this protective layer. To keep nails shiny and prevent chipping, apply topcoat every week.

Don’t apply too many coats, however, as applying too many layers of nail polish can cause nails to chip.


Use Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is formulated to keep cuticles moisturized and healthy and to prevent cracks, but it also prevents your nail polish from chipping. Keep nails in tip-top shape by massaging nails and cuticles with cuticle oil every 2 to 3 days.


Cover Up

Of course you want to show off your feet, but wearing sandals every day can actually shorten the life of a pedicure. Wearing sandals and flip flops exposes the feet to sun, dirt, sand, and other environmental factors that can dull your pedicure. Keeping toes under wraps will help to prolong your pedicure and prevent the formation of calluses.


Avoid Chlorine

It’s relaxing to dip your feet into a pool, but chlorine can actually crack and fade nail polish and dry out the cuticles and feet. If you can’t resist the pool, rinse feet with fresh water after swimming and apply unscented lotion to moisturize feet.

Written by: Colleen Welsch

Tips for Sandal-Ready Feet

Question time! When it comes to your feet, who is currently dealing with dry, cracked heels that are looking less than ideal? Oh yes, we see you raising your hand. No shame – we’ve all been there. With our feet safely tucked away into cozy socks for the winter, it’s easy enough to let footcare slide. But hey, with sunshine filled days on the horizon, isn’t it about time we give our neglected toesies some serious attention? We’d say so!

It’s time to break out the sandals! Who’s in?

Here are our best tips to get your feet in tip-top shape for the summer months:


1) Book the pedicure

Sure, a pedicure might mean you have to pull out your wallet, but trust us, nothing screams summer ready more than some freshly painted toes. Pick out your favorite bright polish, and get those babies professionally done. No doubt about it, when you see those pretty painted toes peeking out from your sandals, you’ll be happy you did!


a close-up image of a woman getting a pedicure, with their pink toe nails having a clear-coat applied to them

2) Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

How often do you use moisturizer on your face? For many of us, moisturizing is just a standard step in our beauty routine. Well, guess what? As much as it’s important to moisturize your face, it’s also just as important to provide your feet with the same amount of hydration. You stand on them all day, after all. It’s no wonder they’re craving some serious hydration. And hey, if you can get someone to give you a relaxing foot massage while you’re at it, all the better! Talk about a win-win.


3) Try a foot peel

Speaking of moisturizing, while we of course always endorse regular moisturizing, for some of us, after a long harsh winter, our feet may be far beyond the point where simple moisturizing will save them. This is where we strongly suggest giving one of our foot peels a try. At Baby Foot, we’ve created range of foot care products that are simple to use, and truly result in baby soft feet. Formulated with gentle fruit acid and skin-loving exfoliants, Baby Foot will remove the dead layers of skin to reveal a foot that’s totally ready for summer. Jumpstart the warm months by getting your feet ready with a foot peel. Your feet will be thanking you. Guaranteed.




4) Invest in tools

When it comes to keeping your feet looking their absolute best, there are most definitely tools that you want to invest in. Cuticle trimmers, nail clippers, nail files – you should have these tools on hand to keep your feet and toenails looking great in between peels. Regular foot care is truly the key to feet that look and feel their best all summer long. Don’t let your feet go neglected again – get yourself some foot care tools!


5) Treat your feet

Your toenails are painted, your skin is super soft, and your feet are looking perfectly summer ready. Congrats! But with all that hard work to get them to this point, wouldn’t it be a shame to stuff them back into a pair of shoes? We say give your feet some breathing room. Show off how fantastic your pretty feet are looking by treating yourself with a cute pair of sandals in your favorite style. Because yes, you totally deserve it.


So, who’s ready for sunglasses, beach days, and all the sandals your wardrobe can handle? If your heart is screaming for summer, make sure your feet are on the same page with some of the foot care tips from above.

Sandal weather has never looked better!

Written by: Colleen Welsch

Healing Soles

a man and a woman pose together in Pittsburg Stealers' jerseys. near the finish line of a marathonAfter eight rounds of chemotherapy treatment and a double mastectomy, Stephanie Seager was still working 10-hour days as one of the top loan closers at a title company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She loved her job, but it was stressful, and it took her away from her 6-year-old daughter, 5-month-old son and high school sweetheart of a husband. And after surviving one of the more aggressive subsets of breast cancer, the 35-year-old truly understood how short life could be.

During a visit home, she heard her aunt talking nonstop about a new beauty product called Baby Foot that she was distributing. An innovative foot care product that launched in Japan, Baby Foot makes feet as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot by exfoliating dead skin cells. After returning home, Seager called her aunt to see how she could get involved.


“She was starting at the ground level trying to get it going Stephanie Seager smiles next to her son, outsidehere, so I had her send me some,” Seager says. “People were buying it like hotcakes at my work. ‘There’s something to this,’ I thought. ‘This is crazy how people feel about this product.’ I got passionate about it quickly, too.”

Spirited, striking and strong, Seager had always been a natural saleswoman. When she worked as a server after high school, patrons would wait for hours for to sit at one of her tables, even if there were other seats available in the restaurant. Even in the midst of cancer treatment, she charming, confident and cheerful.


“Before cancer, I didn’t know what I was capable of, though,” Seager says. “I never had the courage to think I could do something like this.”


She served at the title company for 15 years — and lived two years cancer-free — before she resigned and became one of Baby Foot’s first sales consultants.

Stephanie Seager smiles with her husband and two children at a cancer benefit event

One of her first calls was to a health club that had recently opened in town. She spoke with a manager, told him about Baby Foot and sent him a few samples, but she didn’t hear back from him. Two weeks later, her phone rang. They wanted to carry Baby Foot nationwide. “Nationwide?” Seager asked. “What do you mean?” Unbeknownst to Seager, Life Time Fitness has more than 150 locations across the country.

Although anyone can benefit from the foot peel, some of Seager’s most passionate customers are cancer survivors. One of the side effects of targeted cancer therapy drugs is dry skin. Skin can become dry, brittle, itchy and scaly and may even crack open, especially on the feet.

“Using Baby Foot is really satisfying,” says Shannon Baldwin, a fellow breast cancer survivor. “Plus, it was something I could do with my girls. There are a lot of things you can’t do with your kids. But we’d sit there and do Baby Foot. It made us forget we were in the middle of cancer. It was a lot of fun.”

A national sponsor of the American Cancer Society, Baby Foot is donating 10 percent of proceeds from its limited edition pink boxes to the American Cancer Society during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Stephanie Seager smiles with her daughter at a cancer benefit event“This is going to sound crazy, but [getting cancer] was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Seager says. “Well, it was the worst thing but best thing because it completely changed my life.”

Now that Seager is self-employed, she has a much better work-life balance. “I’m so focused on my family,” she says. “I don’t stress in the mornings. I can make eggs and toast. I don’t miss any of my son’s stuff at school — I’m a homeroom mom! — or any of my daughter’s softball games. I’m making up for lost time.”

16 Reasons to Use Baby Foot

a woman holds up two halves of a lemon, in front of a white background, with the text "16 natural extracts. Really?!" imposed on the image to the right of the woman

Dead skin cells accumulate due to pressure and friction from ordinary activities such as standing, exercising, and wearing shoes. Baby Foot can help to clear that dead skin away without the use of files and razors. The key to Baby Foot is the natural fruit extracts that break down the desmosomes, which hold the layers together, allowing the dead skin to painlessly peel away from the baby soft skin underneath.
Baby Foot contains 16 kinds of natural extracts which have a high moisturizing power and astringency, thus the sole becomes smooth after peeling. Baby Foot not only peels the dead skin cells from your feet, it also maintains the grain of the skin and moisturizes.
These are the 16 Natural Extracts in Baby Foot:
  • Burdock Root
  • Lemon
  • Ivy
  • Horsetail Herb
  • Soapwort
  • Clematis
  • Orange
  • Chameleon Flower
  • Bladderwrack
  • Tea Plant
  • Sage
  • Meadowsweet
  • Grapefruit
  • Chamomile
  • Watercress
  • Camel Grass