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Summer Foot Essentials

 a pair of feet - crossed -  dangling off of the end of a pink, inflatable pool float matress, above the surface of the water, with the Baby Foot logo at the bottom
We have rounded up our favorite essentials to keep your feet looking and feeling great all summer long!
Polish for that Perfect Pedicure
We love this water based polish from Honeybee Gardens, it’s free of harsh chemicals and fumes.
Be sure to check out our tips for an easy at home pedicure here.
The perfect summer sandal
The perfect sandal offers great support and can go from beach to dinner. We did some research and the Sanuk Yoga Sling Flip Flops and Crocs Sexi Flip Sandals both got great reviews in these categories.
Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask
Summer can take a toll on your feet, which is where our Moisturizing Foot Mask comes in! While you may not want to do a peel during sandal season our Moisturizing Foot Mask can give your feet a much needed dose of moisture in just 10-15 minutes!
Feet are often overlooked when applying sunscreen, make sure you apply sunscreen on the tops, bottoms and between your toes.
Reusable Water Bottle 
Stay hydrated! A refillable water bottle is an easy way to remind yourself to stay hydrated.


Olympic Diver Amy Cozad Magana Tries Baby Foot

Hello! My name is Amy Cozad Magaña. I am one of few athletes that competed in the 2016 Olympic Games, but one of many satisfied customers of Baby Foot.

Cozad Magaña, olympic diver holds up Baby Foot peel packaging next to her face while she smiles

In the spring 2003, I started taking diving lessons at the IU Natatorium in Indianapolis, IN. I image of the bottom of a foot before having used the Baby Foot peel, with a door, and shoes blurred in the backgroundimmediately fell in love with the sport and started competing internationally by the fall of 2005. For my last three years of high school, I went to school from 8am until 12pm and I practiced from 2pm until 7pm. All that time on the pool deck and in the pool was hard on my feet. For years I struggled and I tried every ointment and lotion on the market. I tried soaking my feet in Epsom salt, vinegar, listerine, and lemon juice. Nothing worked for years…until I found Baby Foot.

The first time I heard about foot peels was on Facebook. I saw people posting about these masks that make the skin on your feet peel off. It sounded awesome, but I was skeptical. Does it really work? So, I did some research. I went on Amazon and looked at the many different brands of foot peel masks. Baby Foot was one of the Best Sellers and it had by far the most reviews of all of the brands. It had over 7,000 reviews and over 4,000 reviews had five-star ratings. The best part about customer reviews was the pictures that people posted of their feet. There were before and after pictures and pictures of skin coming off people’s feet in huge chunks. I was sold.

I’ve used the Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel twice since the start of 2018. My skin is soft with no cracks. I can’t believe it, but I have normal feet again! I will use Baby Foot to keep my feet healthy and soft while I train for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

a point-of-view image of a person's foot with the baby foot peel on, underneath their socks, while they sit on a quiltan image of the bottom of a foot after having used a baby foot peel, with skin peeling from patches around the bottom of the footimage of the bottom of a foot following a baby foot skin peel treatment, with patches of skin still peeling off, showing fresh skin around the peeling patchesan image of the bottom of a foot once a baby foot skin peel treatment has ben completed, showing glowing, soft, fresh skin at the bottom of the foot



Everything you need for an at home spa day

Whether you are planning an at home date night, girls night or a little ‘me time’ here is everything you will need for an at home spa day.
a woman lays with cucumber slices over her eyes, her head is rested on a towel, next to a plate of cucumber slices
No at home spa day is complete without giving your feet a little TLC! If it has been a while since your last Baby Foot treatment then soak your feet in some warm water for an hour and then put the booties on for an hour. (pro tip: soak feet every day until peeling starts)
If you have used Baby Foot recently use our Moisturizing Foot Mask after your foot soak. Perfect to keep your feet soft between Baby Foot treatments.
A cucumber and aloe vera hydrating face mask is perfect when the temps are cold. Blend half a cucumber until it is liquid and mix in about 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Wash your face and then apply with a foundation brush to brush on your face and relax while it dries (about a half hour), rinse off and apply your favorite facial moisturizer.
Hands take a beating during the cold winter months. In addition to the temps being chilly it is cold and flu season which means frequent hand washing. That frequent hand washing can leave your hands very dry. Blend 2 tablespoons oatmeal, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon of milk and a few drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil until smooth. Apply mask to your hands and then put on rubber gloves (like the yellow ones you use to clean your house) and let sit for 30 to 60 minutes. Rinse and enjoy velvety soft hands.
The easiest moisturizing hair mask is coconut oil, if you want to try something a little different you could mix honey in with the coconut oil. Apply to wet hair and rinse after an hour.

What’s New at Baby Foot

We have had a very exciting start to 2018 here at Baby Foot, we introduced 2 NEW products to our line!
a pair of feet placed in a stainless steel wash basin, with Baby Foot exfoliation foot peel inside, the babyfoot packaging lies on the floor next to the basin
Baby Foot now comes for men! This new foot peel is formulated just for men and the booties fit up to a size 14. The men’s version features a mint scent and has 16 types of natural extracts and will exfoliate and moisturize the same as our original formula.

A moisturizing mask for your feet to keep them super smooth in between Baby Foot treatments! This mask contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, and 14 natural extracts. Perfect when you have a few minutes to yourself and want to get in a little pampering.