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A Simple Way to Smooth Soft Feet
Baby Foot Original
Baby Foot Original
The Road to Baby Foot®
The History and How We Got Started - No Shoes Required.


History of Babyfoot® Feet Exfoliation Treatment



The original Baby Foot® formulation was created in Tokyo, Japan as an easy and effective at-home treatment to relieve various problems on the feet including dryness, cracked soles and accumulated dead skin layers.


Due to its popularity and effectiveness of making user’s feet feel as soft as a baby’s, the foot peel was officially named "Baby Foot®.”


Baby Foot® began exporting overseas—first to Asian countries including Korea and Singapore.


Baby Foot® landed in many countries throughout Europe as well as Australia.


Baby Foot® sold more than 1 million foot peels!


Baby Foot® launched in the United States.


The Today Show’s host Kathie Lee Gifford introduced Baby Foot® on air and America watched!


Baby Foot® USA launched in Target and Ulta stores nationwide.


Baby Foot® USA launched their second product, The Moisturizing Foot Mask.


Baby Foot® USA launched their Men’s Peel.


Baby Foot® USA launched their Polishing Foot Wipes. Today Baby Foot® has won countless international awards and is available in more than 50 countries around the globe.


Baby Foot® USA launched Spa Bundle to include Enzyme powered Foot Soak and Baking Soda Foot Scrub. Baby Foot® USA launched on Amazon Mexico. LIVE with Kelly and Ryan promoted Baby Foot® on air!


Baby Foot® USA launched a Subscription Renewal Program. Over 21 Million Baby Foot Peels sold worldwide!

Babyfoot® started 1997 and growing


Discover renewed, soft, happy, healthy Baby Feet with Baby Foot®.